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Concrete Lining Paver

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  • Sturdy,heavy duty design built for canal, Road and airport projects.
  • Speedy, compacted and finished concrete laying

`MAXMECH’ Concrete lining paver is widely used for pavement of canal, Airport Apron & Runway roads, Flooring, Reservoir, Bridges etc. It consists of sturdy frame structure made from plates, pipes, & angles etc. The frames are normally made in length of 1220mm, 1830, 2440mm & 3660mm for easy handling. It consists of two hydraulic power pack units, one is at fix console from where the operator operates the machine & another is traveling unit i.e. undercarriage. Each unit is equipped with electric motor. The complete frame (according to the required length) is mounted on 4 Nos. heavy duty mechanical jacks which used for leveling of the machine. The four jacks are fitted on structure which carried 2 set of rollers i.e. 4 bogies runs on rail.

The fix console is fitted at one end from where the operator controls long travel speed & drum bogie operation. It is equipped with 10 H.P. electric motor and power pack. The undercarriage also consists of power pack unit equipped with 15 H.P. electric motor which operates drum, groove cutter, drum vibration.

The function of concrete lining paver is to finish the laid concrete in desired thickness & prepare a level finished concrete layer.

Expansion joint in concrete is prepared by two method, In first method transverse & longitudinal groove cutter (driven by hydraulic motor) are provided & in second method PVC inserter is provided longitudinally & in transverse direction.

Fix console with rain proof cover, Hydraulic pimp, Piping, Electric motor

Fix console with Operator seat, Canopy & control Panel

Under carriage with Hydraulic pump, piping, Electric motor

Finishing Roll with Imported Hydraulic motors augers, anti vibration pad


It is a manually driven structure made from pipe, wooden planks with four wheels. It is used for making finishing work on canal & groove finishes of longitudinal & transverse section.

Road Paver

Canal Paver for bed

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